Is there a monthly fee?

There is no monthly fee however we advise clients to load the Globe Prepaid SIM card in your GPS Tracker with 15p regular load on the day of installation then 15p per month to avoid SIM deactivation.

How long is the warranty on your GPS Trackers?

All our GPS Trackers come with 12 months replacement warranty. During the warranty period, we agree to replace your tracker under normal use.

How much does it cost to use our GPS Platform?

Currently our GPS Platform is free of charge for the first 12 months. If you wish to continue using our GPS Platform after 12 months, we charge an annual fee of ₱1,000 per tracker per year to cover the cost of supporting and maintaining the server.

Do I need to use your GPS Web Portal to track my vehicle?

No you do not need to use our GPS Web Portal to track your vehicle. You can text a command to your tracker requesting your vehicle’s GPS location and your tracker will reply with your vehicle’s GPS location embedded in a Google Map link.

Why does my GPS Tracker not reply to my text commands?

Please ensure you have enough load in your GPS Tracker before sending text commands to your tracker. We suggest you send a text promo to your tracker rather than sending regular load. If you send regular load, the load will be consumed 5p every 15mins because your tracker is connected to the Internet.

Where will the GPS Tracker be installed on the vehicle?

Our GPS Trackers are usually installed, hidden in the dashboard of your vehicle. If you have a preferred location for your GPS Tracker to be installed, please let our installers know.

How long will it take to install my GPS Tracker?

Our installers usually take between 30 minutes to 1 hour to install your GPS Tracker. Installations may take longer for high end cars.

Will it be permanently installed in my vehicle or just Plug and Play?

Our GPS Trackers are permanently installed and wired inside your vehicle. If you are interested in a Plug and Play GPS Tracker, you may like to consider our OBD GPS Tracker. Please click here to learn more.